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The Southwest’s leading senior publication recently celebrated its 30th anniversary serving its dynamic readership – the 50+ market. Lovin’ Life After 50 has served the Phoenix metro area since 1979 and the Tucson area since 1984. Lovin' Life After 50 is the No. 1 ranked free circulation publication in Arizona! We target the 50-plus demographic with stories and features focused on items of interest to this age group. Our extensive coverage of upcoming activities and events is well read by our audience. Advertisers love our large distribution numbers – approximately 100,000 copies each month! Yet, by zoning, they can expose their message to just those areas where their businesses operate. Less wasted circulation means more effective advertising promotions. And the best part of it all is our delivery system. We deliver more than 50 percent of our copies directly to the home, through U.S. mail and carrier delivery. Don't miss the opportunity to get your message in front of our audience when they are "Willing and Able to Buy"

Subscription via U.S. Mail is $24.00 per year for 12 monthly issues.

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