Healthy pessimism?

Recently, my family and I saw the Disney movie, “Tomorrowland.”

Grandparents can help pay for college

Next month my son will graduate from high school and move on to the University of Arizona. Go Cats! My wife is busy getting his senior pictures taken, the announcements put together, and party plans drafted.

Beating Uncle Sam with tax-free growth

As a CPA, I have spent the last three decades helping people to pay the least amount of taxes legally allowed by law.

Switching Gears in Retirement

In searching for investment options, would you rather have—high return or low return? High risk or low risk? Liquid or illiquid?

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Should I choose whole life insurance or term life insurance?

Find out what the differences are between whole life insurance and term life insurance and learn which one is best for you.

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4 costly health care bill mistakes

Errors in health care billing are common. Learn the 4 critical steps you should take to ensure you’re not being billed too much for your health services.

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Are credit unions better than banks? Pros and cons for the discriminating retiree

Advantages of credit unions over banks include higher savings rates, lower loan rates and fewer fees, saving many dollars for retirees.

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Estate planning tips

Everyone should understand estate planning basics and take action to protect their assets, however modest, and their beneficiaries.

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Tips for seniors on how to avoid costly bank fees

Seniors can learn how to avoid bank fees by shopping and using their senior status to get charges waived, often by just asking for fee elimination.

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Senior finance tips: The dos and don'ts of applying for credit online

Effective senior finance decisions can help people find good online loans. However, borrowers should learn the do's and don'ts of online loan applications.