Switching Gears in Retirement

In searching for investment options, would you rather have—high return or low return? High risk or low risk? Liquid or illiquid?

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Five New Year’s Resolutions for Your Wallet

“I resolve that I will eat better and exercise more.” The diet and exercise resolution is one I make—and unfortunately break—every year.

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The pros and cons of index investing

Index fund investing is one of the safest forms of investment you can make. Like any investment strategy, there are pros and cons to be considered.

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Earn and relax: How to make sure your money market funds are safe

Money market funds are designed to be low risk investment strategies and are good options to consider during financial planning.

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Protecting your nest egg: How to identify investment fraud warning signs

Con artists typically focus on older adults because they think they’re easy targets. Learn how to fight back against investment fraud by knowing the signs.

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How to squeeze every last dime from your investments

Educate yourself before you make investment decisions; diversify your investments to achieve lower risk with higher returns.

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5 most dangerous IRA mistakes you can make

Knowing how to properly manage your IRA can help you avoid costly mistakes that could substantially decrease your hard earned retirement savings.

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Tips on supplementing your Social Security income with smart investments

Use investment strategies that minimize taxes when supplementing Social Security income to get maximum earnings.

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Don't be an easy target: Avoid these common investment scams

If you want to keep your money well into your retirement, you’ll do well to learn to identify some of the most frequently used investment scams.

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401ks, IRAs, and the early retiree: How to tap into your savings with minimal penalties

Are you planning on retiring before age 55? If so, it pays to know how to minimize the penalties for withdrawing money early from your retirement accounts.