Healthy pessimism?

Recently, my family and I saw the Disney movie, “Tomorrowland.”

Grandparents can help pay for college

Next month my son will graduate from high school and move on to the University of Arizona. Go Cats! My wife is busy getting his senior pictures taken, the announcements put together, and party plans drafted.

Beating Uncle Sam with tax-free growth

As a CPA, I have spent the last three decades helping people to pay the least amount of taxes legally allowed by law.

Switching Gears in Retirement

In searching for investment options, would you rather have—high return or low return? High risk or low risk? Liquid or illiquid?

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The pros and cons of the lump sum pension

A lump sum pension choice gives you more flexibility, but also comes with more risk than receiving monthly retirement checks for life.

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Consider retirement options to find the best pension plan

As a mature worker, consider pension options that offer some growth, along with safety, security and tax deferral of your plan.

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Coordinating Medicare with post retirement work benefits

Are you confused about whether you should sign up for Medicare if you're sign working at age 65? We'll help make this decision easier.

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Pop goes the pension: How corporate bankruptcy can impact your retirement

When an employer goes bankrupt, retiree pension options are at risk. The PBGC can help deliver monthly benefit payments.

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Own a business and headed for retirement? What's next: Weigh your options

As a small business owner you have worked hard to build your business and make the money to retire. Now that the time is finally here, what's next in your life?

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Top 10 things guaranteed to make a mess of your retirement

Retirement is supposed to be the best time of your life, but these ten mistakes can make it a real challenge.