Switching Gears in Retirement

In searching for investment options, would you rather have—high return or low return? High risk or low risk? Liquid or illiquid?

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Are your meds driving you to the poor house? Tips to reduce costs

Excellent health is worth all the riches in the world -- but that doesn't mean you have to spend that much to achieve it.

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Tips to cutting energy bills for retirees

Cutting a high electric bill down to manageable size need not be expensive. Low cost, simple improvements achieve this goal.

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Grocery store penny-pinching tips for retirees on a budget

Learning how to shop smart at the grocery store can save valuable dollars for budget wary retirees. Coupons, bulk purchasing and other tips will help keep your wallets and bellies full.

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The haggler's bible: Learning to cut expenses through haggling

There are many opportunities to reduce your debt, save on major purchases, and even get the best deal on everything you buy when you learn the art of haggling. A common practice in other countries, be a savvy consumer and haggle your way to the best deal on everything you purchase from a new car to vacations.

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Tips for seniors on how to avoid costly bank fees

Seniors can learn how to avoid bank fees by shopping and using their senior status to get charges waived, often by just asking for fee elimination.

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Saving money by combining home and auto insurance

Do you have your car and home insurance policies separate? You may be able to save big money by combining them!

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Ask and you shall receive: The importance of asking for a senior discount

Senior citizen discounts can start at age 50 and are available on everything from travel to groceries.

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Tips and tricks on how to make your H.S.A. work for you

When used correctly, health savings accounts can actually help people put away more money for future medical expenses.

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Extreme couponing for the amateurs: How to save money without devoting all your time

Extreme couponing doesn't have to eat up all your time when you know what you're doing.