Get in Step with the Beat on March 28

One out of every six health care dollars is spent on treating cardiovascular diseases.

Learn Everything You Need to Learn about Joint Health on March 7

Joint pain shouldn’t keep you from enjoying an active and rewarding lifestyle.

Stem Cells Take Center Stage

The world will never forget the day when four young men from Liverpool, England, walked onto the stage of “The Ed Sullivan Show” in 1964.

Sun Health Offering Prediabetes Program

Floyd and Linda Cotton have been doing a lot of new clothes shopping lately.

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Is there such a thing as "male menopause"?

According to doctors, males can experience the same symptoms that women experience during menopause. Find out what the symptoms of male menopause are.

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Facts and myths about anti-aging

Tips for anti aging that include ingredients that can't be found in a wrinkle cream.

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Busting the old age myth: Top 5 tips about growing old

Don’t let the fear of growing old paralyze you. Learn the truth behind the top 5 myths about growing old.

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The facts about senior men and memory loss

Causes for memory loss in senior men continue to baffle medical professionals, as their are few clues to the reasons for MCI.

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Fight Alzheimer’s by staying social

Learn what recent studies show about the link between remaining social into your senior years and lowered instances of Alzheimer’s.

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Today's assisted living facilities and how they differ from our preconceptions

Assisted living facilities are no longer dirty or lonely. Today's senior homes provide a healthy and happy atmosphere for older individuals.