Get in Step with the Beat on March 28

One out of every six health care dollars is spent on treating cardiovascular diseases.

Are Stem Cells the Next Frontier of Medicine?

Are Stem Cells the Next Frontier of Medicine?

Learn Everything You Need to Learn about Joint Health on March 7

Joint pain shouldn’t keep you from enjoying an active and rewarding lifestyle.

Stem Cells Take Center Stage

The world will never forget the day when four young men from Liverpool, England, walked onto the stage of “The Ed Sullivan Show” in 1964.

Sun Health Offering Prediabetes Program

Floyd and Linda Cotton have been doing a lot of new clothes shopping lately.

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Celebrate the New Year With a Hike

The holidays pass us by as quickly as the cold winds blow. Come January, the seasonal events are over and a peaceful quietness abounds after New Year’s Eve parties subside.

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Is it a myth or a fact: Bigger muscles mean a bigger brain

Surprising facts show that certain kinds of exercise not only build muscles, strength and endurance. They also cause brain growth and make you smarter.

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Sun protection tips

Senior women should use sun protection products and follow simple sun safety tips to enjoy sunny activities without damaging skin. Helpful protection tips and product recommendation.

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10 Tips to assessing your fitness level

10 health and fitness tests for adults over the age of 55: This article takes an honest look at the unrealistic definition of “fit” as defined by Men’s Health.

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Tips on keeping up with the Madonnas of the world

Not everyone can look like Madonna past 40. Here are a few tips to try, though.