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The air in Arizona: Poor for those with COPD

The American Lung Association recently published the State of the Air Report, accounting for the air quality of major counties in the United States.

Cypress HomeCare Solution seeks caregivers

Cypress HomeCare Solutions is hiring caregivers.

Stem cell therapy: A defining moment for COPD

At 5:39 a.m. on Dec. 7, 1972, Apollo 17 took a picture from 28,000 miles up revealing the coastline of Africa and West Asia.

Challenging the status quo with stem cells

Looking back, we remember a time when women didn’t have the rights that they do now.

Aging in place—What are my options?

The long-accepted practice of sending older adults off to an institution once their abilities begin to decline is gradually being replaced by a kinder, more holistic approach to growing old known as “aging in place.”

How much sugar are you consuming?

Did you know the average person consumes an estimated at 150 pounds of sugar per year?

Ask the Expert: Five things to know about stroke

Stroke deaths have declined significantly over the past few decades, as more people have quit smoking and treated high blood pressure and cholesterol.

Fit friends

It’s the top fitness program for older adults, but SilverSneakers is still changing with the times.

Seniors seek freedom from lung disease with stem cells

In the United States, we place the utmost value on independence and freedom, so much so that many young men and women have sacrificed their lives for it.

Stem cells: Helping veterans fight lung disease

As they stormed Omaha Beach in Normandy, they weren’t thinking about their health. When they enlisted, they weren’t looking for a job; they were answering a call.