Sun Health Offering Prediabetes Program

Floyd and Linda Cotton have been doing a lot of new clothes shopping lately.

Stem Cells May Be The Next Penicillin

Considering the history of the antibiotic, stem cells could be the next penicillin.

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Is it a myth or a fact: Bigger muscles mean a bigger brain

Surprising facts show that certain kinds of exercise not only build muscles, strength and endurance. They also cause brain growth and make you smarter.

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Why prostate surgery might not be the answer

Find out what recent studies tell us about the survival rate of men who have their prostates removed, as opposed to those who don’t, when cancer is detected.

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Is there such a thing as "male menopause"?

According to doctors, males can experience the same symptoms that women experience during menopause. Find out what the symptoms of male menopause are.

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Too much protein could increase your risk of prostate cancer

Research is being conducted to determine if high protein levels could result in a greater risk of prostate cancer. Learn more about fascinating development.

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Understanding gynecomastia: Common causes of the male breast

The development of the male breast can have a variety of causes. Learn what those causes are and what the chances of developing breast cancer are.

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The importance of the high testosterone diet

High testosterone is necessary to building muscle and burning fat. Find out which foods you can take to increase the level of testosterone in your body.

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Facts and myths about anti-aging

Tips for anti aging that include ingredients that can't be found in a wrinkle cream.

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What is andropause and should you be worried about it?

Men from age 40 and up tend to worry about male menopause and related andropause symptoms. Brief description of the problem with recommendations that include seeing a doctor.