Switching Gears in Retirement

In searching for investment options, would you rather have—high return or low return? High risk or low risk? Liquid or illiquid?

The Cays: ‘Ultimate Waterfront Address’

In their early 70s, Koert and Rebecca Smith were looking to make life easier for themselves.

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Cameo Ball Features Dancing, ‘Salad Parade’

The Cameo Foundation and its founder Herme Sherry are busy this time of year.

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Natural sunscreen are the best forms of sun protection

Protecting your skin is not only important to keep you as youthful looking as possible, it is also necessary for preventing skin cancer and other issues caused by sun exposure.

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Organic skin toner recipes for the DIY crowd

The best skin toners can be made at home using organic enzyme rich ingredients. Learn how to make 3 organic skin care products for oily, normal and sensitive skin.

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Benefits of using natural toner for the skin

Most beauty experts indicate that using a natural toner is the most important step in the ideal beauty regimen, and it is the key to maintaining a youthful glow as we age.

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Mature ladies: Finding the right hairstyle for your face

Need a new look but aren’t sure how to start? Here are a few tips to help you find the right hairstyle for your face.

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Avoiding fashion disasters for the over-50 lady

Fashion never goes out of style and neither should your wardrobe - no matter what your age. Turning 50 doesn't mean you have to wear boring and frumpy clothes with no fashion sense or style. You can find an over 50 fashion style that works well for you and shows off the women you have gracefully aged to be.

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Causes and solutions for premature graying

Cause of graying hair can be genetic, natural hydrogen peroxide buildup, pituitary/thyroid problems, or luck. Various gray hair treatment options exist.

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Tips on choosing stylish and protective sunglasses

Sunglasses should be more than just stylish. Read our tips on how to look good this summer while protecting your eyes.