Entrepreneur Designs Family Board Game

About 10 years ago, Scottsdale resident and businessman Steven Lazar got fed up with the disconnect of modern families: the daughter texting, the son playing video games, the dad watching sports on TV and the wife on the phone chatting with her neighbor.

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Help your elderly parents retire from driving when it's time

Helping your parents understand when it is time to turn in their car keys for safety is an important, but difficult task. Here are several tips to make that job easier.

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How sleep could save your marriage

Sleeping in separate beds or bedrooms can help save your marriage if sleep disorders and other sleep pattern habits are disrupting your ability to sleep soundly.

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How to help your adult children deal with depression

Depression evokes a sense of being alone. If you can get your adult child enrolled in a local depression support group, the possibilities of improvement greatly increase.

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3 ways you can get your grandkids excited about going back to school

Back-to-school can be a happy, sad, anxious, and scary time for kids. Here are some tips to help you do your part to get your grandchildren excited about the new school year.

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Ensuring you’re the only one: Tips on keeping your marriage monogamous

Keeping your marriage monogamous isn’t something that happens automatically. Find out what you should be doing to ensure you’re the only one in your spouse’s eyes.

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Grandparenting no-nos

Is being a grandparent turning out to be a little tougher than you thought? Here are a few tips on what not to do when disciplining your grandchildren.

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Tips on bonding with your newly acquired adult stepchildren

Getting along with adult stepchildren can require years of work, but can be rewarding. Begin with friendship and respect.

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Tackling the challenges of the blended family

How do grandparents deal with the conflicts associated with step families, including step grandchildren. Raising a blended family from the second tier – a grandparent’s struggle.

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Relationship maintenance tips for long-haul couples

Do you wonder why some couples stay together and others fail to go the distance? Here are some tips from proven couples.