They’re killing us

March 23, 2010, is a date that will live in infamy.

New 'multigenerational' developments are bringing young and old home buyers together

Last year, financial analysts observed a strange but encouraging phenomenon on opposite ends of the sprawling Phoenix area, one that they hadn’t seen since before the housing crash of 2007–08: people actually lining up to buy new homes.

La Casa de Juana gives real taste of Mexico

Eduardo Chavez didn’t believe he needed a grand opening celebration for the May opening of his restaurant La Casa de Juana o Southern Avenue in Mesa.

Creature comforts

Living with pets can bring healthful benefits for older adults. But are those perceived benefits overblown, and will technology replace the loyal dog or cat?

Tucson author explores the magic of touch

The book deals with “love, loss, and learning.” Its protagonist is author Debra Schildhouse, but the real hero is the healing magic of human touch.

Lifelong Learners take notice

Anyone who interested in birding, hiking, the Grand Canyon, financial strategies, book discussions, the national debt, nutrition for seniors, science in the 20th century, a healthy brain or many other subjects can join New Frontiers for Lifelong Learning.

Cantus and True Concord prove love is a splendid thing

Grammy-nominated True Concord Voices & Orchestra (formerly Tucson Chamber Artists) will join with Cantus’ nine-member vocal ensemble for a concert of a cappella magic Friday, Jan. 22, through Sunday, Jan. 24, as part of the Tucson Desert Song Festival.

Aging in place—What are my options?

The long-accepted practice of sending older adults off to an institution once their abilities begin to decline is gradually being replaced by a kinder, more holistic approach to growing old known as “aging in place.”

Club Camera Tucson sponsoring photo workshops at Agua Caliente

A series of three photo workshops on improving nature, landscape and travel photography will be open to interested photo enthusiasts who want to elevate their pictures from boring to beautiful by learning simple tips and techniques that can be used with almost any camera.

More older adults are continuing to work

With her 65th birthday just weeks away, Joan Green admitted she’s still having a little trouble embracing the whole retirement thing.