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Tahiti and her islands: A romantic destination

The first thing you notice is the fragrance. The intoxicating perfume of the tiare flower tells your senses that you are in a magical place, overflowing with tropical vegetation and soothing trade winds.

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Celebrate the autumn in ‘Hidden Ireland’

What is “Hidden Ireland,” one may ask?

Beyond the gumbo

An offbeat food adventure in New Orleans

Walk in the footsteps of Dylan Thomas

Wales loves its artists. That’s easy to say with the likes of actors Richard Burton, Anthony Hopkins and Michael Sheen all hailing from the southwest coast of Wales, near Swansea. No artist, however, commands a deeper place in a Welshman’s heart than poet and writer, Dylan Thomas.

Paradise found on the north shore of Oahu

The drums pounded and so did my heart. Five Maori warriors moved in unison to the pulsating beat of the Haka war dance as their vessel glided down the tropical river.

A world-class event in a world-class city

The elevator rises; my stomach drops. Zooming upward at 15 miles an hour, it takes only 58 seconds to reach the observation deck of the CN Tower in Toronto, one of the world’s tallest buildings.

A taste of the Land of Enchantment

Red or green? Or perhaps Christmas? It took me a minute to realize that the waitperson was asking me what chili sauce I would prefer. Just for the record, I opted for Christmas.

Train Trip to New Orleans Set for April

Journeys By Train, a Tucson-based escorted deluxe travel company, will conduct special journeys around the United States and Canada this year, including an April trip to New Orleans.

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Budget travel ideas: House swap!

Have you always wanted to see the world but are worried you can’t afford to? Well, think again. Across the globe, thousands of retirees are making the most of their golden years by visiting foreign countries without paying a dime for accommodation. How do they do it? It’s simple—they house swap!