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If vendors are looking to come to this expo, its huge exposure, tons of people come out. They take care of everything. It’s a great event to come to.


What I like best about the expo and being a part of it is the opportunity to interact with a lot of our members. To put a lot of our services in front of people who don’t know what we do. And to really reach out and touch people.

AAA Arizona

We’ve been doing Lovin’ Life After 50 expos for close to 10 years now. If someone asked me if they should do the expo next year I would tell them absolutely! It’s a lot of fun, and it’s a great investment and it’s great exposure.

Sunland Village Springs

One of the best things about the expo is we rarely have a chance to see as many people from as many different walks of life as we are able to today.

Wells Fargo