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Aug 15, 2011, 11:17 p.m.

Gym machines offer the attraction of distraction

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Modern cardio machines come with so many bells and whistles that it's routine to watch a favorite movie, scale a virtual mountain, or share gossip with Facebook friends while getting fit at the gym. But what do you push to maximize your workout?

Modern Etiquette: Taking your manners to the yoga mat

SEATTLE (Reuters) - I don't pretend to have reached enlightenment. Yet, with all the chaos going on in financial markets, we clearly need yoga more than ever. Here are 10 tips for being mannerly on your mat: 1. On arriving late (or leaving early): The main thing here is, try not to do either. However, stuff happens, and the best-laid plans of mice, men, and yogis often go awry. In some private studios the door will be closed and quite possibly locked, thus taking care of what to do about late-comers. Pounding on the door would not be a viable option here. In gym settings, or in studios where walking in late is possible, be respectful of the meditative yearnings of the rest of the class who showed up on time-- open and close the door quietly, tiptoe in, open and lay down your mat as delicately as if you were handling TNT. Better yet, if the class opening meditation is underway, wait until it is finished before making your late entry; in that case, quietly apologize, at least by silently mouthing "sorry" to the teacher. Be as unobtrusive as a pickpocket. And if you must leave early, best to inform the teacher before class starts, and leave with the utmost quietness. Getting up during savasana is a no-no.

Could a Croatian island be a canny buy right now?

TROGIR, Croatia (Reuters) - Stipe Marusic hardly looks like someone who owns an Adriatic island. Yet the unemployed 40-year-old Croatian sailor and his two brothers are selling one for big money. "It belonged to my great-grandfather and in a way, we are sorry to sell. But we are all seamen, the companies we worked for have gone bankrupt, we are unemployed and we have no other choice," Marusic said while showing off his island, Srednja Kluda, in the Trogir archipelago just north of Split.

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