Budgeting and cost-savings: Bundling holiday gifts for the family

Dec 2, 2011, 11:13 a.m.

Bundling holiday gifts together is a great way to give cost-saving gifts that your whole family will use and cherish. Despite the Buy! Buy! Buy! American Way, Christmas giving is about showing your family that you appreciate and love them. Bundling holiday gifts lets you focus on the sharing aspect of the holiday season. Some of the best bundled gifts include activities that your family can do with one another. Concentrate on the interactivity of the gift and you are sure to have a hit! Bundling also saves time and you can give something really unique.

For example, if you have an outdoorsy family consider:

A camping bundle

A snowman-building bundle

A bonfire at the beach bundle

A sledding bundle

Maybe you have a family of crafters. Get those creative juices flowing with:

A Christmas doghouse-building bundle for Fido

A sock-knitting bundle (split the family into teams/pairs)

A bundle for making Christmas tree ornaments or stockings for one another

Maybe you have a cooking family. Or like our house, an eating family! Try:

An old fashion popcorn-making bundle

A cookie-decorating bundle

An ice cream party bundle

Some of the best bundles are those that come from the heart. Sentimental holiday bundles are something your family will cherish forever. Some cost-saving gift ideas:

Heirloom bundles with a history and memory attached to each treasure

"I remember when," albums about your childhood

Hand-embroidered pillowcases for each family member with the best adjective for his/her morning self!

Keep it light, keep it happy and really give a bundle of joy this holiday season!

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