3 fun table games to play at your next gathering

Dec 12, 2011, 9:14 a.m.

Don't let awkward silence crash your dinner party! Bounce the silent bounder with a few fun table games. These table games are light on accouterments, but heavy on laughter and conversation, and will make sure that even the shyest guest comes out of his or her shell.

The Pairs Game -- This is a great ice breaker that works best with an even number of guests. Before the party, think of some interesting famous pairs of people or things that go together. Think Fred and Ginger, Pie and Ice Cream, Brad and Angelina, Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy... the list goes on! Write one name on each piece of paper, then tape a paper to each person's back as they arrive. By asking only yes or no questions, each guest has to figure out who they are, and then find their partner!

The If/Then Game -- Give everyone a small slip of paper and a pencil. Everyone writes down an "if" statement on one side of the paper, such as, "If Fred doesn't stop bouncing his knee..." Have everyone turn over their papers and pass them to the person on the right. Without looking at the "if" statement, the next person should write a "then" statement on the other side of the paper, such as, "...then I will start doing my Kermit the Frog impersonation." Then everyone takes turns reading the randomly combined if/then statements and hilarity ensues!

Two Truths and a Lie -- In the invitations to your gathering, ask everyone to come to the party prepared with three statements about themselves: two of them should be true; one of them should be a lie... but a believable one. It works best if one of the truths is something a little outlandish. This works great for starting conversations and helping people get to know each other better!

Armed with these simple table games, silence will slip out the back door while the rest of you are giggling uncontrollably!

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