Tips on keeping a travel journal of your family adventure

Dec 15, 2011, 6 a.m.

Whether you keep your travel journal online where friends, family and the whole world can join you on your adventure travel vacation or beautifully handwritten in a journal, the following ideas give your journal pizzazz!

A bare bones itinerary of your family adventure may remind you of where you were, but it completely lacks the vibrancy and excitement that a well-crafted journal inspires. Write about what you do, but fill your writings with unique impressions of your experiences. Describe the sounds, smells and tastes that make your destination unique. Fill your writing with local color and unusual events. The journal will be as lively and enjoyable as the trip itself. Even include annoyances, but remember, this is a vacation, so keep your sense of humor. You know you'll laugh about most of them later, so might as well giggle as they happen, too!

Traveling can be fast-paced and tiring, making it easy to forget all those wonderful details. Before starting your trip, decide on two designated times each day to journal. After lunch and after dinner make the perfect time to relax with your journal, filling it with your adventures.

Some people prefer creating a quick, rough copy using a small notebook to jot down ideas and impressions as they occur. Keep a convenient spiral notepad with attached pen handy and fill it with brief notes. Then, every evening you can embellish and perfect your daily journal.

Don't forget pictures. If you are an artist, then sketch them, photographers can shoot them, and the rest of us can buy postcards. Never let your journaling become burdensome. Make it an enjoyable, yet integral, part of your travels. You'll be so pleased with the results!

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