Easy-to-use budget apps and programs to help you stay on track

Dec 16, 2011, 6 a.m.

Smartphones might make excellent procrastination tools, but they can be surprisingly useful in a number of other ways. Many smart phone users are learning that their phones can serve as excellent motivation for exercising, eating healthy, and keeping a sound budget.

Millions of iPhone users have discovered how easy it is to keep finances in check with the help of personal budgeting tools. These apps allow users to manage multiple bank accounts, track stocks, get price quotes and much more. They are designed to make the most technologically illiterate user feel at ease. For a little assistance with your personal finances, check out these handy phone apps.

Loan Shark

Thinking about taking out a loan? Don't allow fraudulent companies to hoax you into throwing away your money. You can avoid such a tragedy by comparing loans from a variety of vendors on Loan Shark. This phone app gets you past the fine print of the typical loan by letting you calculate the amortization, the interest rate, and all kinds of other components. The app will also help you figure out just how close you are to paying off your credit card loans or that second mortgage you took out.


Don't worry, iTaxMan is nothing like the real tax man. It isn't going to take your money away (well, it costs 99 cents). It will help you determine just how much you'll be getting from your tax refund. This way, if you're counting on a tax refund to get you through to the next month, you won't have to waste time and energy worrying about how much money you'll get back this year.


Originally available on the Apple Newton, this personal budget calculator has seamlessly made the transition to iPhones and iPads. It provides one of the most complete methods of tracking finances via mobile phone. Using PocketMoney, you can track your checking account, savings account, assets, liability, and of course, your weekly budget. And to give you a better idea about the state of your finances, the app can create pie charts based on your transactions. With the elite tracking of PocketMoney, you just might end up with a little more change in your pocket.

Stock Guru

If you're thinking about buying or selling stocks, be sure to get your analysis from a reliable source. Stock Guru is both reliable and mobile, making it a convenient solutions for trading stocks on the go. The app has over 6,700 different stocks, all of which are rated based on valuation, risk return, risk volatility, financial strength, momentum, and other important stock data. Don't make your stock decisions without an iPhone in hand.


Once you've made your big decision with the help of Stock Guru, be sure to continue tracking your stock in case you end up needing to sell it. StockWatch will help you do this with its advanced tracking system. Scroll through unlimited portfolios consistently updated with your stock's price, value and gains.

Keeping track of financial information doesn't have to be a headache in the making. Load a couple of personal budgeting tools from the app store and let your iPhone do all the work.

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