Sea Trekkin': Underwater hiking in the Virgin Islands

Dec 16, 2011, 6 a.m.

The British Virgin Islands provide a wonderful setting for getting in touch with natural beauty. With white sands, blue water and green foliage, British Virgin Island vacations offer a whole array of stunning colors. Although you'll have quick access to picturesque scenery at your British Virgin Islands accommodation, you may be missing out on the Virgin Islands' most beautiful views if you spend the entire time above water.

Visiting the underwater world at the British Virgin Islands is a little like hanging out in a water kaleidoscope. There is an entire world of coral and tropical fish waiting to be explored. One popular way to view and identify a variety of species is to travel on a snorkeling trail. When you take a snorkel trail, you get to "hike" underwater to a series of plaques at which important species are identified for snorkeling "hikers."

Devil's Bay Boulder has a series of trails popular with local snorkelers. Located on the north end of Devil's Bay, the gentle stretch of ocean is perfect for beginners not already comfortable with snorkeling.

Virgin Gorda's thin isthmus is another excellent snorkeling site. The snorkel trail located there was originally established by the government of the British Virgin Islands. The trail begins at a beach on the isthmus, where an interpretive sign and map is placed to guide visitors. As snorkelers wade through the clear blue water, they can follow underwater signs to learn more about marine plants and fish.

Snorkeling trails offer an alternative perspective of the British Virgin Islands. These mini-expeditions introduce snorkelers to a ethereal world under the sea, immersing them in the magic of the Virgin Islands.

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