Charity walks: Where to find them and how to get involved

Dec 22, 2011, 6 a.m.

Volunteering is a great way for older adults, or anyone, to stay active in the community, but there are many causes that stand to benefit not only from your time, but from your fundraising efforts as well, One of many popular charity ideas is charity walks. While it often seems like 5K runs get most of the media attention, charity walks raise both money and awareness for many important causes. They also don't require the level of fitness it takes to run a 5K, which means it's much easier to participate. There are existing causes you can go on charity walks for, such as the American Heart Association's heart walk, or you can organize one of your own.

Since walking is something nearly everyone can do, it's one of the fundraising ideas for charity that a wide range of people of all ages can get behind. Charity walks sometimes charge a small fee for the privilege to participate. A well planned charity walk can go a long way toward your cause, and there are several organizations that hold regular walks in the US and beyond. A partial list can be found here and includes great causes including disability awareness, cancer awareness, hunger, mental illness, and more.

You can pick from this list, or think of other fundraising ideas for charity in your neighborhood. For most walks getting involved with an existing walk allows you to sign up either as an individual or as a group. Groups can be formed from church members, coworkers, family members, or friends and acquaintances. Often you or your group will be granted a temporary website that you can share with anyone who wishes to support you in the charity walk. If you're not walking yourself, or don't know anyone who is walking, a charity's main website will often provide you with links to groups that are participating in the walk that you may want to support.

If there isn't a walk in your city for the cause you want to support, you can often donate the entry fee and organize a walk in your neighborhood to support your cause. Any funds collected can be sent to the organization so you can support the charities that mean the most to you.

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