Travel Picks: Top 10 quirky hotels

Jul 8, 2011, 4:58 a.m.

6. Library Hotel in New York

You won't run out of bedtime reading when you stay at the Library Hotel in New York City. The top-rated, luxury library-themed hotel has arranged its floors according to the 10 categories of the Dewey Decimal System - remember literature, history and math from back in the day? Guests choose from a room menu of sub-topics according to their interests, such as classics, astronomy or new media, complete with book selections. The Library includes an elegant great room and greenhouse as well - its Midtown location is ideal.

7. Jumbo Hostel in Stockholm

Jumbo Hostel gives a whole new meaning to sleeping on a plane, and you don't need a ticket to board. A decommissioned 1976 Boeing 747 has been converted into a 27-room hostel on the grounds of Stockholm's Arlanda Airport. Completely rebuilt from the inside, Jumbo Hostel has "passenger" rooms in the cockpit and cabins, a bar and café, and a first-class lounge-turned- conference room that holds up to eight people - the next best thing to having your own 747.

8. Winvian in Connecticut

For a whimsical and eclectic stay, look at Winvian, located on 113 acres of rolling Connecticut countryside. Guests choose from 18 individually designed and themed cottages such as camping, golf, and maritime. The coolest one might the helicopter-themed cabin, built around a retired Coast Guard rescue chopper - the bar and lounge situated within the fuselage. There's also a spa and restaurant, and an adjacent 4,000-acre conservation preserve to explore.

9. Rendezvous in Palm Springs, California

Visit the postwar boom era at the 1950s-themed Rendezvous in Palm Springs, California. Transformed from a roadside motel, the Rendezvous oozes kitschy-cool with pink flamingos, frosted glass, blue Astroturf poolside and Googi-inspired décor. Period-themed rooms are dedicated to 50s films and television, as well as Route 66, Elvis and James Dean.

10. Qbic Hotel in Amsterdam

If you want to stay in a hip, sexy hotel without blowing your budget, the ultra-chic Qbic Hotel in Amsterdam is the place. Its cutting-edge design is typically found in the most expensive of hotels around the world. The focus of each room is the Cubi, a cube-shaped living space complete with designer furnishings and individual mood-lighting schemes. Spending a night in your retro pad is like staying in a hotel from the future, and ideal whether your time in Amsterdam is spent in old museums or modern clubs and coffee shops.

(Edited by Paul Casciato)

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