Birthday party theme ideas for your grandchildren

Nov 4, 2011, 11:42 a.m.

Your grandchild's birthday party is automatically fun by default, but you can make it extra special by opting for a suitable theme. Suitable just means something your grandchildren are sure to enjoy while staying age-appropriate, such as a hippie theme for your little peace-maker or a medieval theme for your toddling knight in shining armor.

Under the sea

The ocean is a rollicking theme idea, with options that include pirates, sea life, or an overall water theme. Go for lots of aqua decorations festooned with fish, crabs, and netting. Goodies can include gold coin chocolates and gummy fish candies. Top it off with a cake depicting the deep sea, the beach, or a treasure chest.

Outer space

On the opposite end of gravity, outer space can be just as intriguing as the ocean, with subcategories that include space aliens, the solar system, astronauts or any combination thereof. Painted styrofoam planets work for decor, as does a table decked out with black tablecloth featuring gold and silver stars. Offer cookies shaped like moons, suns, and stars, and a cake shaped like a giant spaceship or the sun.

Eras in history

History provides centuries worth of theme ideas. A medieval party can feature dragons, dungeons, damsels, and knights while a hippie theme can tout flower power, peace and happiness. Although you will want to steer clear of the more mature hippie concepts, you can still outfit the house with tie-dyes, peace signs, and long beads. Any era is fair game, with cake ideas that range from a silly dragon to a deliciously big and yellow smiley face.

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