You're never too old for great sex

Nov 17, 2011, 8:24 a.m.

If a 62-year-old woman can be active enough to even attempt to swim from Cuba to Florida, then there should be no problem with her having great sex. The idea that your sex life will be hindered by age is a myth. While your body will change as you get older and your sex life will alter, it doesn't need to vanish all together--or even decrease one bit. In fact, sex in your older years can be, in many ways, more fulfilling than when you were younger, as long as you know how to overcome the speed bumps.

Thanks to University of Chicago researchers, who in 2007 surveyed the sex lives of individuals between the ages of 57 and 85, there's proof that sex can stay alive as you get older. Those used in the sample were asked if they engaged in partner sex at some point up to 12 months prior. Eighty-four percent of men aged 57 to 64, 67% of men 65 to 74, and 39% of men 75 to 85 said yes. Sixty-two percent of women 57 to 64, 40% of women 65 to 74, and 17% of women 75 to 85 said yes. According to San Francisco journalist Michael Castelman in his blog "All About Sex," "The reason the numbers decrease as individuals get older can be attributed to partner loss and medical conditions, such as heart disease and diabetes."

The key to having great sex despite some physiological issues that will arise in your older years--for example, vaginal dryness and atrophy for women and difficulty with erections for men--is to realize that there's more to sex than intercourse. As you get older, take time to explore other pathways to sexual arousal, such as oral sex and genital massage. It's been proven that a male doesn't even need to have an erection in order to acheive orgasm.

With age comes wisdom, a better understanding of the self, and the ability to connect on a deeper, more intimate level than when you were younger. This wisdom allows for more satisfying sexual experiences that can only get better with age.

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