The 7 best websites for fantasy football and online gaming

Nov 28, 2011, 8:47 a.m.

If you think that online gaming is just for kids, you're a lot older than you're letting on. The fact is, the Internet is no longer the turf of the young and underdeveloped--if it ever really was. And more and more people headed into their sunset years are taking to the Internet as a way of not only keeping up with friends and family via social media, but also as a fun diversion from the doldrums of everyday life. Whether you're looking to play fantasy football or Slingo, we've pulled together a list of the seven best online gaming websites that'll give you more fun that you could shake a stick at.

Yahoo! Fantasy Football -- Widely considered to be one of the best fantasy football sites on the Internet, Yahoo! Fantasy Football is extremely user-friendly, giving first-timers the opportunity to jump headfirst into the fray without having to bother with extensive tutorials.

NFL Fantasy Football -- If you're looking for authenticity, you could do a lot worse than the website of the game's own National Football League. NFL Fantasy Football boasts a highly functional mobile site and application that let you stay involved even when you're away from the computer.

CBS Sports Fantasy Football -- CBS's contribution to the fantasy football universe is accentuated by its additional offering of other fantasy sports, including fantasy baseball, fantasy basketball, and fantasy hockey.

Slingo -- A unique cross-breeding of slots and bingo (hence the name Slingo, which is a mashup of both) one of the world's most popular online timekillers also comes with a word of warning: This is an incredibly infectious game. Our best advice when approaching Slingo for the first time is to eat a meal beforehand or pack a lunch, because it's very likely you won't want to tear yourself away to eat.

Words with Friends -- Popularized through Facebook but recently expanded to app form for both iPhones and Androids, Words with Friends is a multiplayer word game that you can play with your online friends (imagine that!) that's best described as a cross between Scrabble and a crossword puzzle. Not your everyday, run-of-the-mill mindless game, this is one that'll actually challenge you to use your noodle and exercise your vocabulary.

Pogo -- Who needs board games when all you have to do is aim your mouse at Pogo.com and immediately be given free access to over 100 games? Featuring everything from Scrabble to Monopoly and just about everything else in-between, Pogo also offers card games, word games, casino games and arcade games.

Blackjack -- Not to be confused with illegal gambling sites on which people can actually play with real-live money, Blackjack.com is a completely free site that allows you to team up with other players against the computer dealer to see who among you has the luck and skill to beat the house. It's strongly recommended as a way to brush up on your strategy before heading to the nearest casino to play the real deal with bona fide greenbacks.

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