Fun and freaky Halloween food ideas the grandkids will love

Oct 12, 2011, 4:24 p.m.

Fun and freaky Halloween food ideas the grandkids will love

Even little ghosts and beasties need to eat, and you can whip up fun and freaky Halloween foods your grandkids will love. None of the options require much time, just a bit of imagination and preparation coupled with a gaggle of hungry ghoulies. Grandkids of all ages will dig the delightfully dreadful and delicious options, and, if they are old enough, they can even help you prepare them.

Hot dog mummies

Mummy hot dog wraps are a creepy twist on the longstanding snack, pigs in a blanket. All you need is a package of hot dogs and a package of refrigerated breadsticks that come in those high-pressure containers. Pop open the container and wrap each hot dog in a gooey breadstick, leaving at least one-half inch peeking out near the top for the face. Bake your little mummies on a cookie sheet for at least 15 minutes in a 350-degree oven, add two small dots of mustard on the face for eyes, and serve.

Creepy carrots

A few scary carrot dishes work well with the mummy wraps, including a plate of orange eyeballs or orange fingers in dip. The eyeballs on a plate are really carrot chunks sliced about 1-inch thick and topped with a dollop of cream cheese. Finish off the eerie eyeball with half a pitted black olive as the pupil in the center of the white.

Freaky fingers

Fingers in dip consist of a small bowl of whatever vegetable dip your grandkids like with five carrots sticking out of the serving bowl to resemble a hand reaching upward. Use four long carrots for the fingers and one medium carrot for the thumb. Slice off an angular bit of carrot near each tip to serve as a nail bed, sticking a sliced almond to each with a dollop of cream cheese. Serve handy dip with baby carrots, leaving the gruesome hand as the final snack when all other carrots have been greedily consumed.

Even freakier fingers

If your orange fingers with funky almond nails are a hit, stark white monster fingers with freaky green nails might please your little ghoulies even more. Finger cheese appropriately makes up the fingers, while small, green pepper chunks stuck to the top of the fingers with a dollop of cream cheese make up the nails. Carefully cut three shallow slices in each finger where the knuckles would bend, right beneath the nail and near the center of each dreadful digit.

Silly, scary pizza face

A creepy pizza face makes a fast and easy Halloween dinner or snack, and you can opt for any type of frozen or handmade cheese pizza. Just add your own extra toppings to create a frightful face. Pepperoni or sausage slices with black olive pupils work for the eyes. A triangular-shaped onion or green pepper chunk creates a nifty nose. Make the mouth with an outline of thinly sliced green pepper strips filled with more pepperoni or sausage for a set of sinister or silly teeth. Also try going for the jack-o-lantern look. Bake according to package directions and serve with an equally sinister or silly smile.

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