More sex, less stress: How firing up your love life can reduce anxiety

Oct 21, 2011, 10:55 a.m.

Chronic stress can take a serious toll on the body. Everything from financial anxieties to spousal disagreements can flood your bloodstream with the stress hormone cortisol, sending your body into a constant state of “flight or fight.” Elevated levels of cortisol speeds the aging process, damages organs, suppresses the growth of brain cells and increases the risk of heart disease.

Firing up your love life can naturally reduce stress. Studies show that the more time you spend with your partner between the sheets, the lower your cortisol levels.

But what if you’re “too stressed” for sex? All that worrying may leave you physically and emotionally exhausted or simply not interested. Here’s how to put the spice back in your sex life:

Take time to reconnect. Whether it’s a stroll through the neighborhood or a shared glass of wine, commit to an evening ritual that physically brings you and your partner closer.

Set the mood. If you’re feeling stressed, sensual music and a few strategically placed scented candles can naturally reset your mood and shift your mind toward sex.

Start with gentle touching. The sensation of touch is important to our emotional health. Touch releases pent-up tension from our bodies, loosening us up and enhancing our connection with our partner.

Make eye contact. Keeping your eyes open during sex and looking at your partner increases arousal. You don’t need to have an intense “mind-meld” moment, but a few minutes of eye contact naturally stimulate your brain and body, helping build up to an exciting climax.

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