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Sep 2, 2011, 6:44 a.m.

Island influence, war dance revs up Texas football team

EULESS, Texas (Reuters) - Defensive lineman Moahengi Latu strikes an imposing figure, long hair swinging wildly as he belts out a battle cry. "Get ready for war, let's go!" Latu screams in his native Tongan language, as his teammates on the Trinity High School Trojans football team stamp their feet, raise their fists, stick out their tongues in a gesture of intimidation.

Mickey Mouse and Asterix escape French tax hike -- for now

PARIS (Reuters) - Asterix the Gallic warrior and his big-eared American friend Mickey Mouse can breathe easier after lawmakers torpedoed French government plans to more than triple the tax on theme park entrance fees. President Nicolas Sarkozy has ordered his government to find more money to help plug the hole in public finances but one of the proposals, a sales tax hike of 5.5 to 19.6 percent on entry ticket sales to approximately 200 theme parks in France, was rejected by a key committee in the lower house of parliament.

Sweden's fictional murder capital a peaceful place

YSTAD, Sweden (Reuters) - "This is a very peaceful place," says police inspector Charlotte Lindh as families head flock past toward an open-air flea market on a bright Saturday morning. "I am happy I can bring up my children up in Ystad." At the other end of Stora Ostergatan, the main street through the southern Swedish port and market town, milling shoppers halt on the main square to applaud parading military bands and Scottish pipers, in town for an annual festival.

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