Sep 4, 2011, 7:01 a.m.

Film "Shame" brings sex addiction tale to Venice

VENICE, Italy (Reuters) - Up-and-coming Irish actor Michael Fassbender plays a sex addict in "Shame," a movie by British video artist Steve McQueen that is vying for the top prize at the Venice film festival. It is the second lead role for Fassbender in a competition movie at this year's festival after his portrayal of psychoanalyst Carl Jung in David Cronenberg's "A Dangerous Method."

A-listers not spared in pandemic film "Contagion"

VENICE, Italy (Reuters) - Not even the A-listers are spared in "Contagion," a star-studded movie directed by Steven Soderbergh that recreates the outbreak of a global pandemic. Audiences used to seeing the most famous faces last longest will be in for a surprise when they watch the slick, globe-trotting picture which is in competition at the Venice film festival.

Death in Venice as films set in Iran, Greece impress

VENICE, Italy (Reuters) - A love story set in 1950s Iran and a disturbing Greek tale of a group who takes on the role of the recently deceased to ease relatives' grief have their world premieres at the Venice film festival Saturday. "Chicken With Plums" is co-directed by Iranian-born Marjane Satrapi, a French graphic novelist best known for her comic strip film "Persepolis."

Knightley stars in film on birth of psychoanalysis

VENICE, Italy (Reuters) - Canadian director David Cronenberg's latest movie "A Dangerous Method" explores the role a little-known Russian woman played in the birth of psychoanalysis at the turn of the 20th century. Between the recognized titans of the discipline Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung, played respectively by Viggo Mortensen and Michael Fassbender, came Sabina Spielrein, portrayed by Keira Knightley.

Madonna's crown slips with mediocre movie reviews

VENICE, Italy (Reuters) - Madonna may be the "queen of pop," but her crown as movie director slipped this week after most early reviews of her second feature film "W.E." ranged from middling to poor. The picture, which had its world premiere at the Venice film festival on Thursday, is loosely based on the life of American divorcee Wallis Simpson, whose affair with Kind Edward VIII led to his abdication.

Oprah to conduct first live chat on Facebook

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Talk show queen Oprah Winfrey will be doing her first-ever live chat with social media website Facebook on Thursday, Sept 8. Facebook users can tune into the hour-long live video chat on the site at 1:30 pm EDT, and can leave questions for Winfrey on the page wall created for the event.

Rapper T.I. back in federal prison after luxury bus ride

ATLANTA (Reuters) - A ride in a luxury bus from Arkansas to a halfway house in Atlanta has landed Grammy Award-winning rapper T.I. back behind bars just two days after his release from federal prison. The Atlanta entertainer, whose real name is Clifford Harris, was scheduled to spend the last month of his sentence in a residential transition facility, prison officials said earlier in the week.

Gene Simmons of Kiss to wed longtime girlfriend

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