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Sep 5, 2011, 11:23 p.m.

Amazon reworks website before offering new tablet

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Amazon.com Inc is rolling out a major redesign of its familiar website as it prepares to offer a new $250 tablet device to rival Apple Inc's iPad. The changes in Amazon's online store "practically scream 'tablet-optimized'," TechCrunch blogger Sarah Perez wrote over the weekend after her site reported seeing a prototype of the company's new device.

App finds restaurants using your smartphone

BANGKOK (Reuters) - Tired of digging through long-winded restaurant reviews to find a great meal? Next time, turn to your smartphone where personalized search engines will lead your stomach in the right direction. A newcomer in the world of personalized search, Ness Computing recently released a free iOS app that provides restaurant recommendations based on a user's personal tastes and information from friends gathered through social media sources such as Foursquare and Facebook.

Iranian Internet users were victim to spying: report

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - About 300,000 Internet users in Iran have been spied on last month by one or several hackers who stole security certificates from a Dutch IT firm, a report presented by the Dutch government said on Monday. Using a stolen certificate the hacker, or hackers, monitored people who visited Google.com, could steal their passwords and could obtain access to other services such as Facebook and Twitter, said Dutch IT firm Fox-IT, which wrote the report.

Apple hunted lost item - clue points to new iPhone

OAKLAND, California (Reuters) - San Francisco police said on Friday they had helped Apple Inc security search for a "lost item," following a week of reports that a prototype of the newest iPhone had gone missing in July. Officers did not say exactly what Apple had lost, but they left a clue -- the San Francisco Police Department's Friday press release about the hunt was called "iphone5.doc," an apparent reference to a new version of the mobile phone that tech industry watchers expect to be released soon.

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