Sep 8, 2011, 6:15 p.m.

Draft U.N. disease summit statement seen as weak

LONDON (Reuters) - A draft statement from a United Nations summit on chronic diseases is a "great disappointment" and sets no new targets or commitments for tackling cancer, diabetes, heart and lung disease epidemics, a global health group said on Thursday. NCD Alliance chairwoman Ann Keeling, who has seen the latest draft of the declaration, said it was significantly weaker than she'd hoped for.

Healthier living could cut 2.8 million cancer cases

LONDON (Reuters) - Healthier lifestyles and better diets could prevent up to 2.8 million cases of cancer each year, the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) said on Wednesday, calling on governments to "avoid a public health disaster." The number of global cancers has increased by a fifth in less than a decade to around 12 million new cases a year, and along with other chronic diseases like heart and lung disease and diabetes are the world's biggest health challenges, the Fund said.

Dendreon to cut 500 jobs in restructuring

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Dendreon Corp said on Thursday it would cut 500 jobs as it seeks to trim expenses in light of diminished sales expectations for its high-priced Provenge prostate cancer vaccine. The total employee-related cost of the restructuring is expected to be about $21 million, the company said, citing a need to align staffing "with the shift in the (Provenge) launch trajectory and meet the company's manufacturing requirements."

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