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Sep 11, 2011, 8:59 p.m.

Boomers to trump youth in fashion influence

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Amid fears the United States could slip back into recession, fashion designers should focus less on youth and create styles that tap the strong economic power of the baby-boom generation, industry experts say. Instead of designing for young buyers and adjusting those styles to sell to older generations, experts say designers should put baby boomers first -- those born between 1946 and 1964, who now make up almost a quarter of the U.S. population.

Audience stars in Britain's Last Night of Proms

LONDON (Reuters) - Chinese piano superstar Lang Lang wowed them, Wagnerian soprano Susan Bullock got a laugh as a "British Brunnhilde," but the stars of the Last Night of the BBC Proms were standing in the middle of the Royal Albert Hall. The 700 or so "Prommers" who pay 5 pounds ($8) each for standing room in the cavernous, sold-out 5,000-seat oval hall on Saturday night gave almost as good a show as they got from the soloists, the BBC Symphony Orchestra conducted by Edward Gardner and the 140-strong BBC Symphony Chorus.

NY Fashion Week cancels show by Uzbek leader's daughter

NEW YORK (Reuters) - The organizers of New York Fashion Week have canceled a planned show by the designer daughter of Uzbekistan's leader Islam Karimov, who has been accused of human rights abuses. Gulnara Karimova was due to present her Guli spring/summer 2012 collection on September 15 at New York Fashion Week. Karimova showed her collection at the event in September last year, but her family connections only hit the headlines this week.

After Fukushima, mother fights to get her life back

FUKUSHIMA PREFECTURE, Japan (Reuters) - Even before the March 11 earthquake and tsunami struck knocking out the Fukushima nuclear plant, Aya's life was a struggle. She had divorced her abusive husband and was left on her own to care and provide for her two daughters.

Death industry reaps grim profit as Japan dies

TOKYO (Reuters) - Across from a noodle shop in a Yokohama suburb, Hisayoshi Teramura's inn looks much like any other small lodging that dots the port city. Occasionally, it's even mistaken for a love hotel by couples hankering for some time beneath the sheets. But Teramura's place is neither a love nest nor a pit stop for tired travelers. The white and grey tiled building is a corpse hotel, its 18 deceased guests tucked up in refrigerated coffins.

Insight: Feast of protein in U.S. spring wheat harvest

CHICAGO (Reuters) - North Dakota wheat farmer Terry Weckerly applied extra fertilizer to his wheat this summer to coax more protein out of the crop. Flour mills and grain elevators were paying near-record premiums for high-protein wheat and he wanted a slice of it. The fertilizer worked too well. Weckerly and other spring wheat farmers are harvesting a crop with protein content of more than 15 percent. The protein-richest crop in five years has led to those high premiums evaporating.

Designers, celebrities woo shoppers around world

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