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Sep 12, 2011, 10:57 p.m.

Cambodian baby suckles directly from cow for milk

SIEM REAP, Cambodia (Reuters) - An 18-month-old Cambodian boy who has suckled milk directly from a cow daily for more than a month is in fine health, the child's grandfather said on Sunday. The boy, Tha Sophat, made international headlines after his grandfather revealed he had been feeding himself directly from a cow since July when a storm destroyed his home storm and his parents left for Thailand to find work.

Death industry reaps grim profit as Japan dies

TOKYO (Reuters) - Across from a noodle shop in a Yokohama suburb, Hisayoshi Teramura's inn looks much like any other small lodging that dots the port city. Occasionally, it's even mistaken for a love hotel by couples hankering for some time beneath the sheets. But Teramura's place is neither a love nest nor a pit stop for tired travelers. The white and grey tiled building is a corpse hotel, its 18 deceased guests tucked up in refrigerated coffins.

China detains 32 for selling cooking oil made from waste

BEIJING (Reuters) - Chinese authorities detained 32 people for making and selling tonnes of cooking oil dredged from gutters, the ministry of public security said on Tuesday, in the latest food safety scandal to hit the country. Police confiscated more than 100 tonnes of the "gutter oil" -- used cooking oil fished from drains behind restaurants -- in a crackdown on a criminal network that operated in 14 provinces, the ministry said on its website (www.mps.gov.cn).

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