Sep 30, 2011, 6:45 p.m.

Claire Danes switches gears for "Homeland" TV drama

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Since her role as a brooding teen-ager on the critically acclaimed 1990s TV drama, "My So-Called Life," actress Claire Danes has played everything from Shakespeare's Juliet to autistic animal scientist Temple Grandin. The Emmy and Golden Globe winner returns to television on Sunday, October 2, as a flawed and fragile CIA agent in Showtime's post-9/11 conspiracy drama, "Homeland."

Stealth festival to rock Kabul with musical explosion

KABUL (Reuters) - Afghans are used to having their days broken by a burst of gunfire or the boom of an explosion. But the barrage of drumming, bass beats and amped-up guitar solos that will hit the city next week may stop many in their tracks. Sound Central, a one-day "stealth festival" that organizers hope will draw 1,000 to 2,000 young Afghans, will be the first music festival the country has seen since it plunged into three decades of violence in the late 1970s.

Holly Madison insures breasts for $1 million

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Reality TV star and model Holly Madison has insured her breasts for $1 million with Lloyd's of London, she told People magazine on Thursday. Madison, 31, said she took out the policy to protect herself and others in her Las Vegas production, "Peepshow."

Dastangoi magic revives lost medieval tales

NEW DELHI (Reuters) - There are no props, no music and no elaborate costumes -- and if these performers have their way, no applause either. Dressed in white from head to foot, the two men sit on thick white pillows. Candles flicker nearby as they conjure up a world of sorcerers and djinns, tricksters and kings, using only their voices and a few simple gestures.

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