The over-50 job hunter: How embracing social media can help you find work

Apr 4, 2012, 8:29 a.m.

Finding work is tough in this economy, and more and more seniors are finding that they need work simply because, as it turns out, we live longer, more active lives these days. The retirement age is going up and many retirees are taking on part-time jobs to cover additional expenses, vacations and so on. Here are three things you need to know about finding work with a social media plan.

  1. Get The Word Out. How is anybody going to find you and offer you a job if they don't know where to find you? Rather than strictly asking employers if they're hiring, ask your friends and family through your social network if they've heard of any jobs opening up.
  2. Establish Yourself as an Expert. Say you're a retired plumber. You're no longer interested in full time work, but you wouldn't mind doing a few jobs now and then for friends and neighbors. Here's an idea: Start a blog about plumbing. Offer advice and interesting stories from your career and establish yourself as an expert in order to land work from clients.
  3. Use LinkedIn or Facebook to Expand Your Network. You can take advantage of the benefits of social media, but first you need to find a social website that works for you. Many people are comfortable with Facebook, as it helps connect family, friends and other social circles in an easy way. The larger your network online, the more people will know you're looking for work, what you're qualified to do, and how to reach you if they think you'll be a good fit. If you want to create a more professional profile, try a social site like LinkedIn, which is a professional networking site that allows you to create a professional profile, connect with people in your industry, and search for available jobs.

The main thing is really just getting yourself out there. Selling yourself to everybody within driving distance only covers a very small circle. Selling yourself through social media opens the door to a world of opportunities.

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