Give your inner child a treat: Learn to juggle

Apr 25, 2012, 8:30 a.m.

Learning how to juggle is one of those things we've all wanted to learn our entire lives, but so few of us ever get around to it. It looks very hard, and when you pick up a few oranges and decide to give it a try, you find that it's just about impossible to keep three things up in the air at a time.

The truth is that basic juggling is incredibly simple. This is why it's such a great trick. It takes some practice, but the basic juggling tricks can be learned within a few hours. Here's how you can get started:

One Ball, Two Hands

Toss the ball from hand to hand. Simple, right? Throw it up in the air to be about level with your eyes at the peak of the arc.

Two Balls, Two Hands

Do what you were doing before, but hold ball 2 in your catching hand, and just before catching, toss ball 2 up in the air to catch in hand 1. Repeat.

Three Balls

Here's where you really start blowing people's minds. Go slow at first and start with two balls in hand 1. Do what you were doing in the previous step, throwing one ball up and tossing the ball in hand 2 up as you catch it, and tossing the third ball into the air as you catch the second in the first hand. Now just do this in a continuous loop and, guess what? You're juggling.

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