How to use Pinterest to stay in touch with friends and family

Aug 15, 2012, 9:04 a.m.
Pinterest is a virtual pinboard where you can "organize and share" all types of things you find on the World Wide Web.

The popular question: How do I use Pinterest? For many older adults, the first question is, "What is Pinterest?" A virtual pinboard, you can "organize and share" all types of things you find on the World Wide Web. Along with the things you choose to post, you can visit pinboards of other people you know.

The highlights of Pinterest are the invites, flexibility and ease of use. The over-55 group can learn to use and enjoy Pinterest quickly and easily. You can start using Pinterest within minutes after accepting Pinterest invites... But, what can you do with Pinterest?

Using Pinterest is only limited by your imagination. Adding "pins" creates a unique presence for you and links back to interesting website you've discovered. You will also find other interesting sites and information on the Pinterest pinboards of others.

You might ask "How do I use Pinterest best? " At first, you might use Pinterest to keep in touch with family and friends. You can post pictures, create online postcards and share anything happening in your life. Using Pinterest invites, you can create two-way communications. Your "board" can be pinned with any sites of interest or even your own creations.

The pins, links and suggestions you place on your board to share is graphically-structured, so you needn't worry if you're not a prolific writer. Text is an afterthought. Your pins, however, can deliver your message graphically and link friends and family to sites they might enjoy.

Pinterest invites can lead you to friend and family boards that share their current activities and interests, just as yours do. Organizing and sharing interesting things with family and friends keeps you and them up-to-date with your life happenings. Viewing their boards returns the favor.

To get started, go to the Pinterest page that tells you all you need to know to become a member and create your first virtual communication board. You need not worry about complex, technical instructions; you can spend your time deciding what images and sites you want to share.

How do I use Pinterest is initially dependent on Pinterest invites. While you must be invited to join, you'll have multiple options. You can request an invite directly from the Pinterest site , request an invitation from family or friends already using Pinterest or find other websites that specialize in providing invites. Once you accept an invitation, you're good to go. Start sharing.

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