The financial benefits of joining the AARP

Feb 6, 2012, 8:16 a.m.

The American Association for Retired Persons, or the AARP, offers membership benefits to Americans age 50 and older. Of course you might have heard about AARP membership benefits and AARP discounts, but the details on these discounts may be a bit unclear. There are a number of money-saving AARP membership benefits that make it worth the membership costs.

AARP members are eligible for discounted rates on health insurance, auto insurance, life insurance, long term care insurance, and home insurance. These policies are available to those over 50, and will normally offer substantial discounts when compared to policies purchased using other avenues.

AARP offers its members a roadside assistance plan, which is available through Allstate Insurance company. The roadside assistance can be a real benefit to members who experience vehicle breakdown, need towing assistance, or run out of gas. This benefit, on a yearly basis, often costs less than the cost of one single tow. Towing a broken down vehicle can easily cost $200 in many parts of the United States today, so this can be a real financial benefit for members.

Another financial benefit can be the vehicle rental discounts that AARP extends to its members. Rental car companies including Budget, Avis, Enterprise, Hertz and National offer as much as 25 percent off the rental of a car or truck to members of the AARP. For anyone who travels even occasionally, this can add up to major savings on a yearly basis!

Travelers may find that the AARP offers some excellent financial benefits. Tour packages, hotel accommodations, cruise packages, and amusement parks all offer varying discounts to AARP members. Savings on a cruise can amount to hundreds of dollars per cruise, making an AARP membership a financially sound move for any traveler!

As of 2011, membership fees are as follows: 5 Years for $63.00 ($12.60 per year,) 3 Years for $43.00 ($14.33 per year,) and 1 year for $16.00. Just one level of membership exists: AARP membership benefits are extended to all members who have paid their membership.

AARP members can even get discounts on groceries today, according to the AARP website. For any senior age 50 or older, AARP membership can be a good investment that pays you back all year long.

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