Top 10 sexy celebs over 60

Feb 6, 2012, 8:12 a.m.
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Picking a "top 10" anything involves favoritism, prejudices and prior experience. Selecting ten sexy celebrities over 60 is more challenging and subjective than other topics. Some aging celebrities seem to lose their former charisma, while others carry their younger magnetism into their mature years.

The following choices were made with absolutely no scientific or objective analysis. However, unscientific research indicates that these over 60 sexy celebrities are named on multiple top 10 lists, from obscure to well-recognized sources. In no order whatsoever, the top 10 sexy, albeit aging celebrities, include -

  1. Susan Sarandon, 65. Academy Award winner (" Dead Man Walking ") and iconic star of the classic movie, " Thelma and Louise ," Susan retains her quietly sexy image and classy charisma as she gracefully ages.
  2. Harrison Ford, 69. From youthful Han Solo of Star Wars fame to hard bitten Colonel Dolarhyde in Cowboys & Aliens , Harrison continues to age well, retaining his personal magnetism. He excels as super action hero (Indiana Jones) to sensitive, committed police detective protecting a young Amish boy (" Witness ").
  3. Helen Mirren, 66. Reinforcing the mantra that age is just a number, Helen won a new title, "Best Body," in a recent fitness poll. Dame Helen adds this hardware to her Academy Award, four SAG Awards, three Golden Globes, Cannes Film Festival, and four Emmy Awards. Playing widely diverse roles from Queen Charlotte ( The Madness of King George ) to the dogged detective Jane Tennison ( Prime Suspect ) on TV, Helen still oozes sexiness matched with strong-willed intelligence in her 60's.
  4. Bruce Springsteen, 62. Turning 60-something has not slowed the Boss at all. Still touring and recording with the energy of a 25-year old, Bruce continues to rock the house when on stage. Attesting to his mature sex appeal, female fans still toss "unmentionables" to him at live performances.
  5. Tina Turner, 71. After a 50-year career as one of the most outstanding musical performers of all time ( Rolling Stone Magazine ), Tina is still beautiful and forever sexy. You can witness and hear proof of her enduring talent, beauty and sexiness, as she still has her voice and can still wear sequins and glitter with style.
  6. Tommy Lee Jones, 65. This multi-disciplined actor has mastered humor ("Men in Black") to high drama ("The Fugitive"). In so doing, Tommy Lee also remains one of the sexiest "man's man" personas in celebrityville.
  7. Sigorney Weaver, 62. Did spending all those years in space, during her recurring role as Lt. Ellen Ripley in the thrilling Alien trilogy, retard her aging process? Sigorney still looks sexy and marvelous at age 62. At 5 feet 11 inches tall, she remains statuesque as well as beautiful, intelligent, and, of course, sexy.
  8. Dustin Hoffman, 74. While it's a long way from The Graduate (1967) and Midnight Cowboy (1969) to Meet the Fockers (2004), Dustin combines outstanding acting talent with an enduring membership in the sexy celebrities club.
  9. Goldie Hawn, 66. The always expressive pixie, Goldie might still appear as her famous daughter Kate Hudson's older sister. Together with her lifetime partner, Kurt Russell, Goldie retains her sex appeal and outstandingly expressive smile.
  10. Sam Neill, 64. The multi-talented New Zealander, (actor, director and writer) is highly intelligent, with a B.A. in English Literature, and remains a paid-up member of the sexy, aging celebrities fraternity. His range of expertise includes roles in drama, science fiction and action films. He retains his sexiness and charisma after 60.

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