Discovering your inner Julia Child, even if you're a guy

Feb 13, 2012, 6 a.m.

Julia Child was an amazing chef and author who captured the attention of many aspiring cooks through her televised cooking shows and talk show appearances. She was an unusually tall woman at 6'2" who always spoke her mind. Her impact upon the everyday cook was just as impressive as her demeanor. Julia was a world traveler who loved adventure and considered cooking to be just that.

Even if you're a guy, you can discover your "inner Julia Child" in your own kitchen. Julia loved gourmet French cuisine and believed that anyone could and should be able to create exquisite meals at home.

Cooking Tips for Beginners

Start with simple, easy cooking recipes.

  1. Follow cooking recipes exactly, especially if you are trying a gourmet quality dish. Recipes have been kitchen tested, and even small variations from the quantities listed can make a difference you might not enjoy.
  2. You can cook like Julia Child, even without experience. Believe you can, buy the right ingredients and measure with care.
  3. Never leave the kitchen when you have something cooking on the stove.
  4. Find out if your oven temperatures are accurate by using a thermometer.
  5. The recipe is your map; without following directions and adding items in the order listed, your meal will be lost.
  6. Never "guestimate" quantities.

If you cannot attend the Cordon Blue cooking school, get a copy of Julia's book, Mastering the Art of French Cooking.

It is well worth the effort to discover your personal inner chef, even if you're a novice at cooking. Get some easy cooking recipes and follow them to the letter. The results should be picture-perfect.

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