Saving money by combining home and auto insurance

Feb 16, 2012, 8:34 a.m.

When you need insurance, you are almost always going to get either auto insuance or home insurance first, and then later on add the other type of insurance when it becomes necessary. This plan makes sense at the time that you do it, but it will involve going through the process of getting insurance quotes two different times, hunting down the best insurance rates twice, and generally wasting twice as much time as you may otherwise need to actually spend when obtaining your insurance.

The insurance bundle is a great way to combine your home and auto insurance into one convenient package, and often save a great deal of money in the process. In most cases, the auto insurance is the more costly insurance, but that price can drop dramatically when you ask your insurance agent about adding your home insurance policy to the same package. In many cases, you will find a dramatic monthly drop in the cost of the auto insurance, plus you will be able to get the home insurance for much cheaper than you would if you bought two different policies.

The very most expensive way to purchase insurance is to buy two different types of policies from two different companies. There is almost never a reason to do that -- You can get better prices and quite often better customer service simply by sticking with one single company that you know and trust.

It is always nice to save those extra dollars each month, but the best part of using the same company to get an insurance bundle is that you will find your customer service is especially good. When you call to ask your insurance agent with any questiions or concerns, or want to see about what it might take to make some changes to your policy, you will be able to speak with one person who is already familiar with the various aspects of both your home policy and your auto policy as well! Combine your policies for great insurance rates and great customer service!

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