What to do in the event of an emergency when traveling by air, land or sea

Feb 23, 2012, 8:13 a.m.

Most people don't embark on a trip anticipating every possible emergency that might occur during travel. Although the chances aren't necessarily high, being prepared for emergency events just in case is a good idea. Playing the game "Worst-Case Scenario" is one way to go about it; however, there are a few more practical ways to prepare for the possible emergency situations that could arise while in transit.

When traveling by air, this doesn't mean preparing for what to do when sitting between an annoying couple on the plane and trying to figure out how to get to the restroom. A more likely situation to be prepared for is motion sickness, and including medications in your travel med kit like Dramamine might be the fix you need. Since many flights now offer Wi-Fi, a travel-size laptop to connect you with the outside world can also be a good tool. This is not just because our society is so dependent on being constantly "connected," but so that if an emergency were to arise, contact would be immediate to a medical doctor, psychiatrist, or friends and family at home for real-time advice.

When traveling by land, always make sure the vehicle has been fully inspected, filled with gas, and properly repaired before even getting on the road. Be prepared for any emergencies that may happen along the way by keeping a spare tire, jumper cables, and various tools that might be needed for repairs on the go. Pack a first aid kit that includes all personal medications as well as basic medicines for pain, indigestion, sinus irritation, and so on. Keep a three-day food supply on hand in case of getting stuck in some kind of post-apocalyptic type of situation.

Finally, when traveling by sea, keep a first aid kid and medication kit on hand to be ready in case a medical emergency arises. Although a cruise ship would have a medical professional and medical supplies on board, they tend to drive up the prices because this is one of their few opportunities to take advantage of a pure monopoly.When traveling on a personal boat, make sure to bring plenty of life vests, inflatable flotation devices, flare guns, and other devices that to contact the outside world in case an emergency arises. Always make sure to have several gallons of water on hand to avoid dehydration as well.

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