Hot tips for acing your annual performance review

Feb 24, 2012, 8:20 a.m.

Let's face facts: Your employee performance review is something that you're hardly waiting for with baited breath. Like it or not, it's just a fact of life for most of us. As you are nearing retirement years, you have probably been working in your field or at your particular job for dozens of years at this point, but that under the microscope feeling is never a fun feeling -- and especially when you might have a kid the age of your grandson delivering your performance review results! We've got a few tips here that will make it a lost less painful to get through that review.

Of course you might want the feedback, but while the positive feedback makes you feel great, the negative really does pack quite a sting. We have put together a few performance review examples that can help you prepare for that review, ace the meeting, and come out of that office with a big smile on your face!

Be Prepared

Make sure you know what you're walking into. If you are new to the company, ask others how the reviews work. Are you simply handed a paper to sign, or is it more of a meeting format? Will you need to answer questions such as a self-review? The more you know about what you'll have to do, the better you can prepare. Once you know what your review will consist of, take some time to decide exactly how you will answer each question. Practice until you feel confident and can deliver your answers smoothly and easily.

Keep Up With Your Good Feedback

Every time that you receive a "Way to go," a commendation of any sort, a bonus, or a "thank you for your hard work," keep that on paper and bring it to the employee performance review with you. If you don't have email or paperwork proving it, just keep a log: This is the type of thing that the big bosses need to know about during the performance review.

Make Your Goals Clear

There is nothing wrong with having big dreams, and your boss will very likely appreciate hearing that you are so devoted to the company that you are looking to rise up in position within the next year. Make it clear you are firmly committed to the company and it will likely pay off big in your employee performance review.

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