One quick step to taking up photography

Jan 2, 2012, 6 a.m.

Getting started with photography doesn't have to be expensive. In the past, you would need a dark room, an expensive camera, film, developer fluid, various lenses, straps, bags and other equipment and on and on. Today, people are taking good photographs with their cell phones, and a small investment in a decent digital camera can produce some truly amazing images.

When you first begin taking photographs, the trick is to start with a decent, affordable camera and then just follow your eyes and your heart to what you like. As you start getting more serious about your passion, you can read more on the subject, learn about various filters and image editing tricks, you can upgrade your arsenal of cameras and you can start collecting prints from your favorite photographers; but for now, just start snapping and see where it takes you.

Developing your own eye is a big part of falling in love with photography, and you won't develop your own eye until you pick up a camera and start snapping away. Don't be intimidated, just grab the camera and go for it.

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