Tips on remembering to take your meds

Jan 3, 2012, 8:48 a.m.

One of the most frustrating part of growing older is those "senior moments" as many people call them. Senior moments can actually happen to people of any age -- Forgetfulness is certainly not limited to the elderly, and quite often people who are still quite young and vital will forget things like taking medication on schedule. Remembering your meds can be a challenge, especially if you are prescribed a number of different medications and need to adhere to a strict pill schedule.

It might seem easy, the idea of remembering your meds, but in reality it is one of the easiest things to forget! Many drugs need to be taken at the same time each day for the maximum effectiveness, or may need to be taken on a pill schedule such as three times daily. When you have to try to remember all this, an electronic pillbox can be an excellent tool.

Electronic pillboxes can be programmed to sound an alert when it is time to take your medications, and will even show the number of pills to be taken on a display screen. Today's electronic pillboxes actually have pre-recorded messages about specific medications that will play as you lift the compartment for each medication.

The E-pill company makes a popular electronic pillbox that will sound up to 37 daily alarms and features a "Missed Pill" indicator to alert users of any forgotten dosages. The Bruce Brand electronic pill box can be carried around the neck on an attached lanyard. This pill box will count up or down to sound an alarm and can be set up to 20 hours in advance of any pill dosage. A continual beep will let you know when it is time to take medicines. The Clinical Guard brand pillboxes have a timer that can be set up to 24 hours in advance and issues a series of warning beeps at 10 minutes and five minutes prior to medication time, as well as an alert at the proper medication time. All of the electronic pillboxes, regardless of brand, are created with the same goal in mind: Keeping patients on track with their medications and removing the need to rely on memory alone.

For anyone who struggles with those senior moments from time to time, an electronic pillbox can help you to remember every single med dose -- at exactly the time you need it. These handy devices can take you from senior moments to being a super-senior!

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