It's all about perspective: Top "good news" websites to help you accentuate the positive

Jan 13, 2012, 8:56 a.m.

Imagine this scenario happening in millions of households every morning: while drinking that morning cup of coffee, people sit at the breakfast table reading the daily newspaper while in the background, the morning news is broadcasting on the television. What are these people reading and watching as the day starts? It is primarily a bulk presentation of bad news, offered one depressing story after another; accidents, quibbling politicians, the latest arrests, images of war, celebrity woes and on and on. Without even realizing the effects of this saturation with negativity, this is the morning routine for millions. A day started with a barrage of depressing words and images is off to a very pessimistic start.

There is a vastly better way to begin each day, one that stimulates positive thinking. Would you prefer hearing about beneficial environmental and scientific advances, people who perform heroic or generous tasks helping their fellow man, heartwarming and informative stories about pets and wildlife, or the latest positive health news? Starting your day with uplifting news changes your whole perspective from a gloomy one to one filled with sunshine and hope. It is quite possible that starting each morning with a dose of upbeat news might color your whole day, providing you with the increased energy, creativity and productivity that positive thinking brings. Good news websites make the perfect choice throughout the day and evening, as there is endless positive news occurring around the world every single day.

Two favorite websites are The Good News Gazette and Good News Network, a subscription site. You can find plenty of others by doing a search for "positive news." Experts are finding that good news provides the same benefits to your emotions and mind as eating a healthy diet confers to your body.

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