Treating yourself right... Finally!

Jan 16, 2012, 8:35 a.m.

Retirement should, ideally, be all about living the life you want to live. You've finally attained the stability you've sought your whole life and you have the free time, the money and the resources to pursue any life goal you've had to put on hold in the past. Here are some tips to make sure you get the most out of your retirement years.

Stay Active

Getting the most out of your retirement doesn't include sitting in front of the television all day. There are a lot of hobbies you can pick up from yoga to wine and cheese-making to scrap booking, painting and chess. Hobbies that perhaps demand too much time from someone who has to work, but can greatly improve your quality of life at very little cost.

Eat Better

When you're rushing off to work every morning, breakfast suffers. You're lucky to get a cup of coffee and some instant oatmeal. Once you've retired, you have time to eat well, to do the research and figure out what sort of proteins and vitamins and nutrients you need for your lifestyle and to prepare and enjoy the foods that you really love. Eating better is a good foundation for living better. Find a few small grocers in your area where you can get the ingredients you love and refuse to ever eat poorly again because bad food is for people without the time to find and prepare what they love.

Plan a Yearly Trip

If you can manage it, taking several trips a year is a lot of fun, but as a bare minimum, planning a sort of "mandatory annual trip" is a good way to keep from getting bored and stagnant sitting around at home. As far as senior leisure activities go, a yearly trip can shake things up and keep you active whether you're taking a trip to Paris, France or just visiting friends in another state.

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