Teaching your love of crafts: Volunteering your gifts at schools and community centers

Jan 20, 2012, 8:26 a.m.

There are many ways to share your love of crafts with others, anytime of the year. Many opportunities will appear during summer vacation time and during the school year where you could be of service to your local community doing something you love to do. Different holiday seasons also have many opportunities to share and create holiday crafts. Being a school volunteer or community center volunteer can be a pleasant way to put your talents to work for charity.

There are many reasons why it is an excellent idea to volunteer to share your love of craft and artistic talents:

  1. Exposing the craft to others will promote that craft and keep it "alive"
  2. Volunteers are good role models
  3. Great way to get involved in a new community and meet new friends
  4. Fun and satisfaction
  5. To help others learn new skills
  6. Networking and career opportunities

By volunteering to teach a craft you are able to give twice. One gift is passing along your unique knowledge about your favorite craft to another eager learner. The second gift is that your sharing will enable someone else to create unique craft items that they can then share with others. They may even decide to make a career of selling hand-crafted items you taught them how to make.

Schools, community centers, libraries, churches and clubs are often seeking talented persons to teach and share their knowledge about crafts. A church may start up a new class if you were to volunteer to teach, for example, creative decorations. Another outlet for your crafty creativity might be to volunteer to provide table decorations for a holiday dinner or potluck.

Long before printing was invented, unique knowledge about crafts and homemaking skills like cooking was simply passed along person-to-person, mother-to-child or friend-to-friend. It is so much easier to learn by doing or by viewing another skilled person create a craft item. You have a truly valuable and unique talent that others might be interested in learning. You can have fun; they will benefit from your skills and teaching as a school volunteer or community center volunteer.

Loving a craft generally means that you want to share your favorite craft with others. Crafters love to give their creations to others for birthdays, weddings, holiday and other special occasions. Take the opportunity, whenever it is offered, to share your love of crafts by volunteering to teach others how to make unique holiday crafts and gifts at schools and community centers. You help build the community, make new friends and contribute in a special way to the growth and development of others, including youthful participants.

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