Top websites for finding free and authoritative retirement advice

Jan 23, 2012, 8:28 a.m.

Anyone contemplating retirement knows that there is a plethora of advice on the Web about how to invest, where to live and what to do after you stop working full-time. In fact, there's so much information, it's easy to just disregard all of it. That's not necessarily the best policy. Amid the sites trying to sell you annuities, sun-belt condos and insurance you don't need are a few gems with real, timely retirement planning tips. Here are a few of those quality sites:

  1. AARP - It may seem obvious, but don't discount the nation's largest lobby group for those Americans over age 50. The organization's site offers retirement tips about everything from good rates on life and health insurance to travel discounts to advice on investing into retirement.
  2. SocialSecurity.gov and Medicare.gov - These two US government sites can help you make sense of US government retirement benefits. These sites will walk you through the array of benefits, how to apply, and the advantages and disadvantages to claiming benefits at different ages.
  3. SeniorResource.com - This site is a virtual encyclopedia of information about retirement topics, including housing options, estate planning, insurance, medical issues, education and laws that affect older citizens.
  4. NewRetirement.com - This is a great place to get answers to all of those retirement-related financial questions, including when it makes sense (financially) to retire, reverse mortgages, annuities, working in retirement and how to cut expenses.
  5. Elderhostel - If you enjoying learning new things and traveling, you need to check out Elderhostel.com. This non-profit organization has been offering education programs for older citizens since 1975 and currently has more than 7,000 programs in all 50 US states and more than 150 countries. The focus here is on education and learning about different cultures. Accommodations range from college dormitories to working farms to privately-owned inns.

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