Ask and you shall receive: The importance of asking for a senior discount

Jan 27, 2012, 8:54 a.m.

Even if it's taking you some time to get used to being called grandma or grandpa, getting used to saving money can come in a snap. The way to save is to ask for a senior citizen discount. Many places offer discounts starting at age 50, with specials on certain days of the week or every day with proper ID.

Since not all senior citizen discounts are prominently displayed or advertised, you cannot be shy about speaking up. Also be prepared to be surprised by the number of places that honor a senior citizen discount, maybe even enough to touch on every aspect of your life.

Wining, dining, travel, entertainment venues and ballroom dancing can be on the list of places that offer a senior citizen discount. Restaurant discounts are especially standard fare for many across the nation. Discounts can apply to the fancy-schmance establishments as well as big-name chains that range from McDonald's to Village Inn.

A senior citizen discount is also available at a hearty array of wine and liquor stores as well as specific schools and organizations that offer ballroom dancing and other lessons. Discounts for senior citizens are getting tougher to come by on airlines, but you can call in advance to see if any are offered. Do the same for hotels, car rental places, tourist attractions, national parks, family fun centers and movie theaters.

You don't have to be living it up to get a senior citizen discount, as many discounts apply to stuff that is part of your daily grind. Select car repair service centers are on the list, along with supermarkets like Kroger, Bashas and Piggly Wiggly. Thrift shops and department stores are also known for their discounts for senior citizens.

Things you might not even think to ask about may offer discounts for senior citizens, such as car or home insurance or utility companies. Certain companies offer senior citizen programs in which you can enroll for a break on your bills. You may even find discounts on goodies and toys for those darling tots who insist upon calling you grandma or grandpa.

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